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[RESULT OUT] Dhankesari Today 22.10.2022 Result Live Update 1pm, 6pm & 8pm

Dhankesari Lottery Result Today Live Update: Dhankesari is a famous lottery game in West Bengal. If you are looking for Dhankesari Result Today then you have come to the right webpage that is The Dhankesari Today Result is updated in the official WebPages on the Dhankesari. You can check all Dhankesari Today Result from this webpage. You all know that there are 3 draws of Dhankesari held every day that is Dhankesari Morning Result, Dhankesari Day Result and Dhankesari Night Result.The Dhankesari Today Results are published at 1 p.m., 6 p.m., and 8 p.m. on a daily basis.

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Short information about Dhankesari Today Result

Lottery Name Dhankesari
1st Prize 1 Crore
Result Date Today Live
Result Timing Today 01:00 pm, 06:00pm and 08:00pm.
Result Website
Result Status Published
Official Website

About Dhankesari Lottery

We all know that Dhankesari Lottery Result is very popular in West Bengal. To the common people of the West, it is known as Lottery Sambad. Every day millions of people from West Bengal buy this Dhankesari lottery ticket. Dhankesari Lottery is played three times a day is the first draw 01:00 P.M, the second draw is 06:00 P.M and the third draw is 08:00 p.m. The first prize of Dhankesari Lottery Result is Rs 1 crore. Every day, someone is becoming a billionaire by buying Dhankesari lottery.

Dhankesari Today Result

Dhankesari Today Result Prizes List

All of you who are familiar with Dhankesari know that the first prize of Dhankesari is 1 crore rupees and the second prize is 9000 rupees, the third prize is 500 rupees, the fourth prize is 250 rupees and the fifth prize is 120 rupees. All the people of West Bengal who are familiar with Dhankesari know about this prize. However, for your convenience, the chart below shows the list of all the prizes of Dhankesari.

Prize List Prize Amount
First Prize 1 Crore
Consolation Prize 1000 Rupees
Second Prize 9,000 Rupees
Third Prize 500 Rupees
Fourth Prize 250 Rupees
Fifth Prize 120 Rupees

Dhankesari Today Result Timing

We all know the time of the three draws of Dhankesari, that is- 01:00 pm, 06:00 pm and 08:00 pm. The Morning Series draws in the morning, the Day Series draws in the afternoon and the Evening Series draws in the evening.

Dhankesari 01:00 PM

Day Name Series Name
Sunday Damodar Morning
Monday Ganga Morning
Tuesday Teesta Morning
Wednessday Torsa Morning
Thursday Padma Morning
Friday Hooghly Morning
Saturday Kosai Morning

Dhankesari 06:00 PM

Day Series is played in the afternoon. Here are the Day Series of Dhankesari – Jupiter Sunday, Sun Monday, Moon Tuesday, Mercury Wednesday, Venus Thursday, Earth Friday, Mars Saturday. We update the results of Dhankesari 06:00 pm on this website every day at 06:15 pm.

Day Name Series Name
Sunday Jupiter Sunday
Monday Sun Monday
Tuesday Moon Tuesday
Wednessday Mercury Wednesday
Thursday Venus Thursday
Friday Earth Friday
Saturday Mars Saturday

Dhankesari 08:00 PM

Evening Series is played every evening. Dhankesari Evening Series are- Hawk Evening, Flamingo Evening, Parrot Evening, Eagle Evening, Falcon Evening, Vulture Evening, Ostrich Evening. We update the results of Dhankesari 08:00 pm on this website every day at 08:15 pm.

Day Name Series Name
Sunday Hawk Evening
Monday Flamingo Evening
Tuesday Parrot Evening
Wednessday Eagle Evening
Thursday Falcon Evening
Friday Vulture Evening
Saturday Ostrich Evening

Dhankesari Name List

Dhankesari draws every day of the week. There are different series draws every day. Dhankesari draws 21 series in 7 days. Below is a list of which series are drawn for your convenience.

Day Name Morning Result Name Day Result Name Evening Result Name
Sunday Damodar Morning Jupiter Sunday Hawk Evening
Monday Ganga Morning Sun Monday Flamingo Evening
Tuesday Teesta Morning Moon Tuesday Parrot Evening
Wednessday Torsa Morning Mercury Wednesday Eagle Evening
Thursday Padma Morning Venus Thursday Falcon Evening
Friday Hooghly Morning Earth Friday Vulture Evening
Saturday Kosai Morning Mars Saturday Ostrich Evening

How to check online Dhankesari Lottery Result Today?

You can check Dhankesari results online in two ways. One is from the official website and the other is directly from our website. Both methods are discussed in detail below.

Let’s first see how to check the results from our website. Follow the steps below.

Step-1: You can type in the default browser of your phone or computer.

Step-2: Then our website will open in front of you. Scroll down a bit and you will see all the Dhankesari Live Result.

Step-3: You will also see Dhankesari Old Result from our website.

Step-4: Bookmark our website to see regular results.

Let’s see how you can see the results from the official website.

Step-1: First visit the website

Step-2: Then click on the Today Result option.

Step-3: Then click on the Pdf text next to the time you will see the result.

In these two methods you will see all the results of Dhankesari.

How to Play Dhankesari Lottery Game?

Let’s find out how Dhankesari is played. There are many rules for playing Dhankesari and this game is done in a few steps. The details are discussed below.

Dhankesari authorities first send lottery tickets to all Dhankesari agents in West Bengal a month before the game.

Agents then sell tickets one by one on specific dates.

Dhankesari authorities must reports of tickets that are not sold before the game starts.

Then the draw of Dhankesari started just in time. Dhankesari’s draw they extend directly to Youtube you can watch directly from there if you want.

How to make money with Dhankesari Today Result?

Friends, we all earn money to live well. But the price of things is increasing day by day so everyone wants to make side income. লটারি সংবাদ is one of the mediums in terms of side income. Many people have made a lot of money by buying Dhankesari tickets. Dhankesari has given the people of West Bengal the opportunity to earn money three times a day. But let me tell you – it was a game of luck.

Do you want to make money through লটারি সংবাদ? Then for this you have to buy any ticket of Dhankesari. But let me tell you – lottery ticketing is an addiction, so it’s best not to get caught up in it. Remember that we are not influencing you in any way to buy lottery tickets through this website. This website has been created just to give all the result updates of Dhankesari.

Various Search Types of Dhankesari

Let me tell you, Dhankesari has many more search terms that many people use to search on Google. Below is a list of all those Search Terms, you can use them to see the results.

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By reading the above article, you may have understood what is Dhankesari Today Result, how to check the result online, how the game is, and much more. Hope you understand everything. You can visit our website to see the results at the right time every day. If you like this website, please share it in the public interest. Thanks


Q1.What is the Dhankesari?

Ans: Dhankesari is a famous lottery game in India whose first prize is Rs 1 crore.

Q2. How to check Dhankesari Result Today?

Ans: You can get all Dhankesari Result Today from our website. For this you can type in your default browser. You also check all results from official website.

Q3. What is the timing of Dhankesari Result Today?

Ans: We all know the time of the three draws of Dhankesari, that is- 01:00 pm, 06:00 pm and 08:00 pm.

Q4. What is the 1st Prize in Dhankesari?

Ans: The first prize of Dhankesari is 1 crore rupees.

Q5. Who can Participate in Dhankesari?

Ans: Residents of all the states in India where Dhankesari is played will be able to participate in this game.

Q6. Why Dhankesari is Most Popular?

Ans: A Dhankesari ticket costs only 6 rupees and first prize is 1 crore rupees thats why Dhankesari is so populer.


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